Have you heard of The Geek Manifesto?

“The Geek Manifesto: Why Science Matters” is a book and a blog-site authored by Mark Henderson, who was previously the science editor at The Times and is now Head of Communications at the Wellcome Trust (a charitable foundation striving to improve human and animal health). It looks pretty awesome, though I admit I haven’t read it yet!

See Mark Handerson’s Geek Manifesto site here.

An excerpt from the site:

“Just one of our 650 MPs is a scientist. Ministers ignore, and even sack, scientific advisers who offer inconvenient evidence. The NHS spends taxpayers’ money on sugar pills it knows won’t work, while public funding for research that would boost the economy is cut. Groundless media scares, taken up by politicians who should know better, poison public debate on vaccines and climate change, GM crops and nuclear power.

In this agenda-setting book, Mark Henderson builds a powerful case that science should be much more central than it is to government and the wider national conversation. It isn’t only that scientific understanding is passed over as decisions are made; the experimental methods of science aren’t applied to evaluating policy either.

Politicians, Henderson argues, pay lip service to science for a very simple reason: they know they can get away with it. And that will change only when people who care about science get politically active. It’s time to mobilise the geeks.”

Mark has taken his agenda on the road – there are a few dates left (in Winchester, Leicester and Sheffield) – or you can take a look at the CSaP’s (Centre for Science and Policy) account of his visit here.

Thanks to pledges people have made through Mark’s website, every one of the 650 MPs will be sent a copy of the Geek Manifesto!

The book is out now (around the £9-£12 mark), and there is even a mini kindle version for 49p for particularly poor students!


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